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Saturday, July 28, 2012




Girl Born June 2011
Lina is a beautiful girl with lots of medical needs. She’s a beauty. Everyone falls in love with her big open eyes and long eyelashes. Lina understands people very well, including their moods. Up to 7 months, Lina was babysat by nannies while she was in the hospital. She knew them very well and loved them too.
She is now in the Orphanage.
Unfortunately, the fate of this girl is very difficult. Her mom left her in the hospital. Lina was born premature, bleeding in the lung, and on the 3rd month, experienced epileptic seizures which then led to her diagnosis of epilepsy. The girl cannot eat on her own and still only eats through a tube. She frequently experiences pain, and especially worries when the weather changes.
She can hold her own head up and roll over, but she hasn’t yet learned how to sit. She’s so sweet. She likes to smack her lips as if sucking a pacifier, but in reality, she cannot suck. Lina loves attention. She enjoys being talked to, stroked, kissed, and played with. Therefore, it is very difficult in the Orphanage, because she does not receive much attention. It is very difficult to leave the orphanage after visiting the baby. She seemed to understand everything. She can look deep into your eyes that you don’t ever wish to let go!

Diagnosis: Hypoplasia of the right lung, Severe perinatal hypoxic-ischemic lesion of the nervous system, Epilepsy, Lag in the psycho-motor development, Pseudo-bulbar syndrome, Hemorrhagic gastritis, Minor malformation of the heart, Inguinal hernia, Hip dysplasia


  1. I am so very happy that Lina is given a chance a posted here. I have signed up on RR first as her guardian angel and had successfully got her a spot on the angel tree. Daily reminders to people on my email and FB page!

    To date, I have contributed and am also passing out flyers. I have holiday cards printed and ready to go. I'm hoping others out there would give her the chance at a family. Whomever is reading this, please consider a donation. Take the cost of one Starbucks latte and donate to her!

  2. If anyone would like to join me in my campaign for her, please email me your address and I will send you some cards. They are business card sized and discreet to slip into magazines at the local gym, doctors office etc...of leave one on restuarant tables etc...I chose small because I got feed back from family they want to help but feel uncomfortable with people seeing who posts flyers.

    Contact me at: vickigarneau@gmail.com for questions on how to help or email the address you want the cards to. PO boxes are encouraged if you have one for your peace of mind.